Sightings: New Yoga, “Lizard Vision”

[CoverAh, the New Age internet mysteries just keep on multiplying… About four different people in the last week have pointed my attention to this screwball fan video for Paul McCartney’s “Temporary Secretary,” even though I have no reason to believe they have been in contact. Weirder still, a leisurely late-afternoon link-clicking spree led to me to SKYMALL today, a portal of bizarro pop cultural pastiche that Rosequartz describes as an “imaginary free record label,” and that seems to be in some way related to PEACE AGE, an equally cryptic e-destination for cassette releases and animated collage. The sites do not link back to each other, but both list “CH-ROM” and “Luke Perry” under authors, and I am inclined to believe the latter is none other than the very Luke Perry captured in this Vimeo by Pixel Horse. Outside the site’s retro-futurist wall paper, which pictures a verdant tomorrowland fashioned entirely in hexagonal shapes, I was struck by its utopian vision of an “online store” in which everything is free. And I was also struck by this dewey-eyed pentatonic guitar revery by New Yoga (off of the band’s “Lizard Vision” e-release), which feels like it would make the perfect exit music for a bromance about reuniting with lost college buddies…back in the future.

New Yoga, “Lizard Vision” (Lizard Vision, SKYMALL)

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Words: Emilie Friedlander

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