Sightings: White Car, “The Bridge”

White Car ep coverIt’s hard to take a descriptor like “nu-goth” seriously. First off, nu/new/neu anything automatically translates to “boring retread” no matter how many deep influences one cites (FYI: White Car is RIYL Front 242 — OMG!). More to the point, who really wants a goth revival? Sure, there were once some innovative bands that could loosely be described as goth (the whole UK Coil/Current 93/Nurse With Wound axis comes to mind), but how many Skinny Puppy records are being sold off wholesale by fashion-conscious thirty-somethings as we speak? On the other hand, seemingly irrelevant historical moments, like early Cabaret Voltaire, seem weirdly prescient in light of the inexplicable success of Cold Cave.

We’ve got to handle our goth histories with kid gloves. But once you hear the first notes of White Car’s debut EP, these insecurities melt away: this is dance music, people! In fact, White Car would seem to be heir to the throne of the criminally misunderstood Junior Boys, who squandered their potential after two near-perfect full-lengths on some antiseptic chill-out jams. All four tracks on their upcoming 12”/digital release are irresistible in their own way, including the explosive “Hearth’s Hymn,” which will make you swear that the concept of “goth Prince” is a good idea. The real standout here is closer “The Bridge,” equal parts New Order-aping synth pop and Arthur Russell bedroom disco workout, proving that White Car have a shot at becoming the male counterpart to 2009’s queen of blog dance, Ramona Gonzalez, AKA Nite Jewel.

White Car, “The Bridge” (s/t EP, Rainbow Body Records)

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Words: Max Burke

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  1. We have booked White Car for two amazing shows this summer! Please Post!

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