Arthur Radio Voyage #7: Alien Receptor

Something I’ve discovered in my 25 years on this planet is that when life begins to feel like a tilt-a-whirl that you can’t jump off, contemplating the possibility of life on other planets is a great way to shuttle back down to earth. Case in point: if you take a moment or two out of your day to consider the fact that somewhere, perhaps trillions of light-years away, there is another sentient creature sitting there wondering whether you exist, and if you in turn are thinking about him, then that swiftly approaching tax deadline or drunken romantic mishap really won’t seem all that important. You might even be able to say to yourself that in the grand scheme of things (and I’m talking the REALLY grand scheme of things), they don’t matter at all. After all, we should probably just be grateful that out of all the atoms in the solar system, the atoms inside our bodies just happen to have drifted into this here gravitational orb, and that the planet earth just happens to be endowed with a mysterious thing called life. Whatever that is. If you’d like to try this technique out sometime, Ivy Meadows, Harry Painter, and I recommend Arthur Radio Voyage #7 as a soundtrack. Just remember to bring your space goggles, and maybe some dehydrated ice-cream for a snack.

“Arthur Radio Voyage #7: Alien Receptor” (02.28.10)

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Download the entire episode on Arthur Magazine.

This week’s playlist after the jump (we recommend listening before looking).

Doug Mesner – Good and Bad UFOs
The Electric Prunes – Holy Are You / Clara Rockmore – Vocalise
Baby Grandmothers – Somebody’s Calling My Name
Ivy Receptor – Solar Flare In
Roland P. Young – Curls
James Ferraro – Blacktop Tumble Weed / Headlines (Access Hollywood)
Rangers – Out Past Curfew
Axolotl – Bonds II (Excerpt)
Growing – Innit
Chmmr When Agitated – Epsilon
Salem – Red Lights
Jah Division – Dub Disorder
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Underground
Men’s Recovery Project – Normal Man
Vibracathedral Orchestra – Wearing Quid Frock
Frank O’Hara – Ode To Joy
Tone-Float Organization – Tone Float
Mick Jagger – Invocation of my Demon Brother
Tart – The Rabbits of Magtarau Pt. 2
Kwaku Baah & Ganoua – Trance
Saddar Bazaar – Sukoon
Amen Dunes – Diane
LSD March – Empty Rubius Red
Michael Bloomfield – Gonna Need Somebody On My Bond
Forest Swords – Hoylake Misst
Congregacion – Arrebol

Words: Emilie Friedlander
Sound Aggregators: Camilla Padgitt-Coles, Will Crowfoot, and Emilie Friedlander
GreenerMags Collage: Camilla Padgitt-Coles (click to scroll from left to right).

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