Departing from the premise that the Internet’s greatest strength lies in its power to foster dialogue, and that two distinct entities can join hands in solidarity while still remaining fundamentally themselves, Visitation Rites has teamed with Underwater Peoples Records for a weekly web radio series on Newtown Radio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Like Underwater Peoples, Visitation Rites, and the third and larger entity we create when we band together, the umbrella concept of “Underwater Visitations” breaks down into three detachable units: an hour of DJing by the UPs, and hour of DJing by VR, and an intermediary hour of cross-fertilization reserved for in-studio performances, interviews, news updates, conversation, and more.

Have no fear: we are not looking to start a micro-corporation, or eradicate the distinction between a record label and a blog. If it seems like we are crossing some invisible ethical line, channeling some stinky disorderly conduct on the superhighway of information, then that is kind of what we are trying to get at. The music industry of the information age is positively overflowing with crossed lines, economic question marks, and uncertain journalistic values, and that is precisely why we need to get together and powwow. The subtitle of Underwater Visitations, therefore, is “The Music of the 21st century, and the 21st century in Music”; keep in mind, however, that it could just as easily be “technology in music,” “the recession in music,” “music writing in the blogger era,” or “the changing face of DIY.” Expect panel discussions, chat-ins, Chat Roulette escapades, and flat-out arguments.

For our inaugural episode, we were joined by pastiche voyager and seasoned train-hopper Run DMT, who rolled up at the station with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a dream. DMT, who informed me that he “used to be a bard,” kicked off his set with a phone call to his mother, then launched into a cover of “Angie” by the Rolling Stones, a musical interpretation of a live journal, and a song he used to play while begging for money outside of a Whole Foods. Stream the entire episode below, or download it here.

Stay tuned for our second episode next Thursday 4-7 EST, with a live in-studio by Ducktails and an extra-special all-tropical DJ set by Brooklyn’s own Bryce Hackford.

“Underwater Visitations Episode #1: Run DMT Plays Acoustic Set, Calls Mom”

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Playlist after the jump.

Neu! – Hero
Ariel Pink – Omen
Brian Eno – Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
Moon Duo – Ripples
James Ferraro – Blacktop Tumble Weed: Empty Monster Energy Drink Can
Gayathri Rajapur / Harihar Rao/ Dorothy Moskowitz – Varna: Shankaraburana
John Lennon – God
Electric Prunes – Holy Are You
Galaxie 500 – Blue Thunder
Art Museums – We Can’t Handle It
The Twerps – Dance Alone
The Twerps – Another One
The Feelies – On the Roof
Up Died Sound – Dust
U.S. Girls – Don’t Understand That Man
Back To The Future The Ride – FNMTV
Idea Fire Company – Against Gravity
Big Troubles – Gray Days
The Troggs – Our Love Will Still Be There
Rainbow Bride – Big Wave Rider
The Kinks – Shangri-La
The Advancement – Stone Folk
Alzo & Udine – C’Mon And Join Us
James White And The Blacks – Irresistible Impulse
Neil Young – Computer Age
Laurie Anderson – Big Science
Universe – Mountains and Minds
Esprit Frappeurs – Infini
John Maus – Do Your Best


MV & EE – Home Comfort
Steve Gunn – House of Knowledge
Luv’D Ones – It’s Quiet
New Yoga – Born 2 Chill
Guided By Voices – Planets Own Brand

Words: Emilie Friedlander

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  1. brian says:

    does there happen to be a way of downloading the Run DMT performance? i love him so much!!

  2. Emilie Friedlander says:

    Hey! Still waiting for the edited version of the episode to upload, but you can download it from the Newtown Radio website (I linked to it in the post) by clicking on the Archives and then pulling up our show.

  3. Mark says:

    Hawt hawt hawt! Hip hip!

  4. […] a a live in-studio by Ducktails and a DJ set by Brooklyn’s own Bryce Hackford. Head over to Visitation Rites to listen to last week’s “Underwater Visitations Episode #1: Run DMT Plays Acoustic Set, […]

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