Sightings: Emmet & Mary, “Surveying Revelations”

Some songs you like immediately. Others grow on you. Songs like “Surveying Revelations” by Johnston, PA folk group Emmet & Mary do both. Hearing it for the first time one morning shot me out of my half-sleep quicker than any cellphone alarm clock ever could. Bright brass lights up your ears. A cacophony of who-knows-how-many-voices rushes into your brain. True to form, “Surveying Revelations” even slows down a bit before a jarring end. The words that come to your mind are, “Well, that was interesting” — but also, “This is kind of cheesy.” Upon repeated listens, however, you begin to buy into the Microphones-meets-Neutral-Milk folk epic that Emmet & Mary are pedaling. It’s too sweeping — and adorable–to leave you on the fence.

Emmet & Mary, “Surveying Revelations” (Emmet & Mary, My Idea of Fun)

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Words: Marc Picciolo

Emmet & Mary’s self-titled album is out September 14th on My Idea of Fun.

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