Sightings: Slow Loris, “We Were Never Alone”

As human beings we should all have a plan for dealing with disappointment. A strategy so that if the plaster walls you construct around your psyche crack and crumble you are in position with a nail and hammer. Occasionally we forget all about this blueprint. Instead of rebuilding, we come home from dead-end jobs that require a work uniform and pinned-on name tag and sit in silent brooding. Silent brooding, only because any music we might play to improve our rapidly degrading mood will only remind us of lost, happier times, or worse–a recent heartbreak.

Quietly sincere bedroom pop like that of Wisconsin’s Slow Loris exists for those of us stuck in this sort of rut. Tracks like “We Were Never Alone” provide friendship and warmth through soothing pentatonic riffs and slowly strummed chords. They provide the soundtrack for the otherwise frustratingly silent nights, and offer motivation to rebuild and move on.

Slow Loris, “We Were Never Alone”

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Words: Marc Picciolo

You can download Extra Colors EP at Slow Loris’ bandcamp page and name your own price.


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