Video Co-Premiere: LA Vampires, “How Would U Know” Video

“How Would U Know” by LA Vampires returns us to the glamorously seedy world of her “Make Me Over” video. This time, we explore the symbiotic relationship between Amanda Brown’s character and a companion, played by ice-blonde Sync Space co-founder Katie Vonderheide. Their interactions betray a mentor/protege dynamic. As they sleep, shower, dress, and put on make-up together, the protege (Vonderheide) seems to look at the mentor (Brown) with equal reverence and envy. Perhaps she is plotting her own power play? Brown’s vampy vocal, mixed with Matrix Metals sizzurup-tinged tape loops, jibes perfectly with this light-drenched world of excess.

Words: Samantha Cornwell
Video: Amanda Brown and Ben Shearn

“How Would U Know” is from the albumĀ So Unreal, which comes out today on Not Not Fun

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