Sightings: Naminé, “Velvet”

I want to relax, don’t you? Working at a job you would rather not be at takes a toll on you. Sharing and writing about music dulls all of that, but sometimes finding the right song becomes a daunting task in and of itself. PR E-mails and links swarm around your brain and stamp you with adjectives and pleas to “CLICK HERE!” I considered giving up before stumbling across this new track by a Melbourne teenager who records under the name Naminé. The 7″ for “Velvet” drops soon on the new label Life Aquatic Records, run by the tumblr blog Life: Aquatic. The relaxed atmospherics and warm electronics of “Velvet” make you wonder what everyone was hemming and hawing about during the great Blogger-Run Label debate of last summer. These vibes define relaxation. Forget the rat race, the blog chase, and the important decisions. This track soothes the soul and leaves you feeling velvety smooth.

Naminé, “Velvet” (Velvet 7″, Life Aquatic Records)

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Words: Marc Picciolo

You can pre-order the Velvet 7″ from Life Aquatic Records here.

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