Sightings: 2/5BZ, “I Am A Green Child”

Serhat Koksal is a very prolific man. The Istanbul-based multimedia artist started making work as part of the global cassette tape movement in 1983, and has been incredibly active ever since with video art, curating the roaming Tehran Biennial, DJing, and his own music. 2/5BZ is his electronic music project, and perhaps the output he is most known for. “I Am A Green Child” is a composition that Koksal started working on in 1997, under the original title “Anadolog”. In 2005 he updated the track, and changed the name to “I Am A Green Child”; earlier this month, it made its web debut. The crackly, sample-heavy track features some soothing sitar noodling and spacey glitches and hisses. When the spooky, slow vocal sample invades the mix at the track’s finale, you feel as though you are truly listening to the music of another realm.

2/5BZ – I AM A GREEN CHILD by 2/5bz

Words: Samantha Cornwell

“I Am A Green Child” was originally released by Fulldozer. Watch this space for an interview with Serhat Koksal.

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