Sightings: A R P, “From a Balcony Overlooking the Sea” Video

ARP – From A Balcony Overlooking The Sea from Camilla Padgitt-Coles on Vimeo.

There are some memories that are alive with color. When looking back at these spaces in time, it is hard not to laugh. Sometimes the most vivid and rich recollections almost seem saccharine. Still, isn’t it nice to recall those times and embrace their magic? Camilla Padgitt-Coles‘ new video for composer ARP‘s “From a Balcony Overlooking the Sea” brings to mind those mental spaces of undeniable beauty. The track itself lays the strings on thick, creating a baroque, glamorous pop aesthetic. This is driven forward by a romantic male vocal that evokes Bryan Ferry or David Bowie at their most sentimental points. Coles’ image track features found footage that is bursting at the seems with warm colors. It takes me back to standing on the bridge in Monet’s garden. While I appreciated the natural beauty of that space, I longed for the painter’s impressionistic hues.

Words: Samantha Cornwell

ARP’s The Soft Wave is available now from Smalltown Supersound

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