Sightings: Free Spirit, “The Event” Video

Free Spirit – The Event from Free Spirit on Vimeo.

Jonah Maurer (Family Portrait, Real Estate) and Michael McGregor (Meadowlands, Chocolate Bobka) identify Free Spirit not so much as a band or a project, but as a state of mind — a trajectory of the kind of lucid, stream-of-consciousness improvisation that occurs under the influence of lowered inhibitions and between the hours of midnight and daybreak. Final songs are cut from such play/record sessions, overdubbing and effects are added later, and accompanying videos are typically created in less than an hour. Each time the pair of Greenpoint, Brooklyn neighbors come together as Free Spirit, the results are  unplanned, instrumental reflections of the mood and moon — stemming from spontaneous intuition and an environment completely void of expectation.

“The Event” makes for an intrinsically calming and intimate experience, guided by classically rooted keyboard chord progressions and sedately reverberating guitar melodies. (Think: relaxing to  Paul Winter’s Callings, save the animal sounds). In line with the Free Spirit ethos, the video candidly appreciates quiet moments of personal transcendence. In escaping the demands of extrinsic factors, we may find that the most fulfilling “events” are those experienced alone, occurring from within. Free Spirit can take you there.

Words: Mary Katherine Youngblood

Download “The Event,” and other Free Spirit sounds here

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