Sightings: Purling Hiss, “The Hoodoo”

Purling Hiss – The Hoodoo from Philadelphia Philms on Vimeo.

When I interviewed Purling Hiss over the summer, one of the points that all three members of the in-the-red garage power trio agreed upon was that the band was their main musical priority and that they were dedicated to upping their profile. That point is borne out by a currently in-progress European jaunt and an extensive US tour (with The War on Drugs) they’re launching as soon as they return. Check the clip above, which features the full band lineup jamming out to “The Hoodoo,” for an approximation of what you’re in store for during a live gig. In addition, the band is releasing two separate tour tapes reflecting different sides to their sound, limited to 100 copies each. Paisley Montage is a 40-minute continuous experimental recording, while Dizzy Polizzy is a more song-oriented effort that Polizze explains shares a kinship with the most recent full-length release Public Service Announcement

Words: Max Burke

Paisley Montage and Dizzy Polizzy will be available on the current Purling Hiss tour. “The Hoodoo” is now available on Lounge Lizards (Mexican Summer). Full European and American dates available at their MySpace page

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  1. Mark says:

    So dope. Love these dudes.

  2. […] of Birds of Maya. The Birds of Maya nexus has already spun off Mike Polizze’s closely-watched Purling Hiss project, and Spacin’ channels another aspect of the group’s preoccupation with stoned, […]

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