Ad Hoc Co-Premiere: Heavy Cream, “The Jam”

In August 1974, sixteen year old Victrola James had started to feel a sudden malaise with the Sunset Strip scene. ┬áThose nights at Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco, decked out in her latest glittery ensemble pressed against the lips of some vapid rocker boy no longer possessed that feeling of magic The music, however, still made her go wild, and she couldn’t help but lose it as Mick Ronson’s guitar tones vibrated across the dance floor. Timmy, her hippie brother, had given her an electric guitar as a birthday gift, hoping that her love for chasing rockers might transmute into a love for being one. However, the thing had been collecting dust for the last month in a remote corner of her bedroom. Blaze, a boy with a fake British accent, whom she had snogged on her last English Disco visit had promised her that if she came with him to the Whiskey A Go Go that evening, he would introduce her to Iggy Pop. He claimed that he and Pop had engaged in an affair that had taken place in the deepest chambers of their minds, and way out in the astral planes. Victrola didn’t know if this was true, but she did know that they were on the guest list, which was good enough. However, despite Blaze’s assurances, she didn’t see Iggy anywhere in the glamorous chaos of the club. As Blaze’s mouth ran with a myriad of excuses, a cloud of purple, glittery fog faded into the room, and surrounded the stage. In a flash of black lightening, a group of young rockers appeared on the stage. The three girls and the male bass player launched into a stirring ejaculation of Rock n’ Roll. It had everything that Victrola loved, from dagger sharp electric guitar tones, an urgent pace, and snotty, tough vocals, which in this case were delivered by a female singer who was only slightly older than herself. The musicians said very little, but from the rumbling of the crowd she was able to pick up that they were called Heavy Cream, and their song was called “The Jam”. Apparently they had been beamed here all the way from Nashville, TN in the year 2012, and their song had been produced by someone who called himself Ty Seagall. She didn’t know what any of that meant, but the sounds awoke a deep primal instinct within her that could not be controlled. A magical force catapulted her towards the foot of the stage, where her body erupted into convulsions. After a three minute sonic assault, the band faded into the purple myst, presumably returning to their own era. Kim Fowley, who had been lurking near the stage in the hopes of getting the group to sign their souls over to him, stormed off after this. Blaze suddenly emerged, announcing that he had at last located Iggy Pop. Victrola informed him that she no longer cared, and abruptly left. She had an electric guitar at home, and a meeting with Heavy Cream in the astral plane.

Words: Samantha Cornwell

Heavy Cream, “The Jam”

Heavy Cream’s self titles LP is coming soon on Infinity Cat Recordings

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