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Avant Ghetto Presents Wretched Worst, Form A Log, Opponents, & High School Confidential

Friday, March 16th, 2012

This weekend, nothing like a noise show to clear out your SXSW hangover or remind you of why local scenes will always be more important than contrived “showcases.” Friend of VR Jeff Conklin of East Village Radio presents the latest in his Avant Ghetto series, anchored by out-of-towners Wretched Worst and Form A Log (who have a forthcoming LP on Spectrum Spools) and featuring local heroes Opponents and High School Confidential (Mr. Matthews from Telecult Powers). Flier below and details at Facebook.

Words: Max Burke

Low-End Theory: An Interview with Source of Yellow

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Source of Yellow are a (mostly) Brooklyn-based trio who play a tightly focused strain of experimental music with a concentration and passion atypical of many improv units. The group consists of Nawi Avila, Nick Hasty, and Peter Kerlin. As the opening group on day two of the NY Eye & Ear Fest, they effectively roused me from my early afternoon stupor with a blistering set that barely topped 15 minutes. The group has just self-released their debut on vinyl and I got to speak with them about the challenges and rewards of putting out your own record, the pleasures of Charleton Heston’s The Omega Man, and their own personal low-end theory.

Max Burke: How long have you guys been together?

Peter Kerlin: Two years. Nawi and I had been in another band called The Holy Childhood and then I stopped playing music for a while and then I met Nick in this graduate program we were in; he was a student of mine, and we started playing. Nawi and I were fantasizing about having a band that would be all low-end — Nawi playing baritone sax, me playing bass…

Nawi Avila: …low-end in competing waves.