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Visitation Rites and Coco66 Present: Silver Apples + Burning Star Core + Love Like Deloreans on May 16th in Greenpoint

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

After months of meticulous astrological analysis and deep-space observation, our in-house Kaleidoscope experts have asked me to issue a public warning to all those residing in the greater New York area, Northern New Jersey, and Southern Connecticut. Due to a fortuitous shift in planetary alignment, we have every reason to believe that a vintage aerocar embossed with the words “Silver Apples” — and housing one of the world’s first musico-astro-pilots — will be performing an impromptu crash landing on the roof of Coco66 in Greenpoint on Sunday, May 16. To ensure that the craft arrives safely at its destination — and does not accidentally fall straight into the nearby Newtown Creek — we have asked some of our generation’s finest cosmonauts — Burning Star Core and Love Like Deloreans — to convene beforehand and project some inviting improvisatory soundwaves into the stratosphere. DJs Frank (Keepaway) and Bryce (Behavior, 45sON33) will be injecting some slow and screwy dynamism in the gaps, and Wierd Records‘ very own DJ Frankie Teardrop will be hosting his Exotic Birds party in the front room. If you have never witnessed a New York City rooftop landing before, please be sure to dress appropriately. Full details on the poster below.*

Underwater Visitations Episode #2: The Ducktails Episode, with DJ Bryce Hackford and Some Visitors from Market Hotel

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Every day can’t be Hannukah. For pretty much the entirety of this colossal Underwater Visitations episode — 3 hours long, and with an in-studio by Ducktails to boot — the “Visitations” part of the equation was just a few blocks away, trapped inside a Kafkaesque bureaucratic nightmare that involved being unfairly compensated by taxpayer dollars to sharpen some pencils and fill out my name and address on about fifteen identical forms. Luckily, I managed to convince one of my superiors to let me slip out for a bit, and I rolled up in just in time to hear Matt Mondanile layer multicolored streamers of sound over the most lovely of bongo polyrhythms — not to mention throw in one of his signature 90’s cover jams, this time from the Slanted and Enchanted era. Among parts of the episode that I MISSED, DJ Bryce Hackford of Behavior slow schooled his way through his impressive collection of “tropical” vinyl, Real Estate‘s Etienne Pierre Duguay swung by with some friends to talk about the Market Hotel Project, and DJ Ari — the “Underwater” side of UV — unearthed a common musical lineage in Bruce Springsteen, ESG, and Steve Reich. Maybe not Hannuka, but definitely a full house.

“Underwater Visitations Episode #2: The Ducktails Episode, with DJ Bryce Hackford and Some Visitors from Market Hotel”

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Behavior, Good Behavior 7 inch, Whip Records

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

If I didn’t count some of my closest friends in the Brooklyn band Behavior, didn’t know their music like the back of my hand, didn’t even have the pleasure of jamming with them from time to time, I would probably describe their first 7 inch with the following words, and leave it at that: “the “Good Behavior” 45 is two drop dead beautiful psychedelic pop songs from a band that poofed out of nowhere just yesterday, but that seems to already have achieved something of a devoted following in the smoggy North Brooklyn netherworld of legal and semi-legal concert dives.” It may seem a bit dishonest to write “music criticism” about a group that I personally hope to see go very, very far; but since I cannot erase this fact, I figure that doing so openly is hardly as dishonest as faking an absence of personal investment. Moreover, writing about your friends can make for a more three-dimensional picture of the subject at hand: If a 7 inch is kind of the aural equivalent of a snapshot, only someone who knows the photographed environment very well can point to what lies beyond the frame.