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Horizons: What, if any, are the political values of “lo-fi” indie music?

Monday, February 15th, 2010

2yjsro2Along with its fetching new face, Tiny Mix Tapes recently introduced a weekly debate feature in which writers drop a loaded question and readers respond with their two cents, the goal being to foster a public dialogue about music on the site itself. Editor Mr. P knows that Biomusicosophy‘s Elliott Sharp and I always get all riled up whenever music and politics are mentioned in the same breath, so he asked us craft the magazine’s second debate question, which concerns last week’s exchange between The Guardian‘s Ben Beaumont-Thomas and Chocolate Bobka‘s McGregor on the politics of “blog rock,” or American lo-fi.

Horizons: What, if any, are the Politics of Hypnagogic Pop?

Monday, September 28th, 2009

huge.84.423296The first thing I did when David Keenan’s hotly debated “Hypnagogic Pop” article came out in The Wire last June was log on to the Terminal Boredom message board–not because I read it all the time, but because it was the site where that debate began, as far as I could glean from a preliminary Google search. And the first thing I saw when I logged onto Terminal Boredom was a question that would make a really big imprint on my subsequent readings of the piece, partly because it was written in all capital letters and tickering from right to left across the screen: