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Meadowlands: “Next Century Cathedrals (Feat. Run DMT)”

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Meadowlands is the solo project of Michael McGregor, creator of Chocolate Bobka and The ReportKickstarter staffer and all-around New York scene personality. Meadowlands is an occasional outlet for ambient meditations, which often stretch into the half-hour range and beyond and chronicle a diversity of approaches to subtle sound art practice. “Next Century Cathedrals” is the result of a collaboration with Michael Collins, well known for recordings under the Run DMT moniker.

McGregor had this to say about the collaboration: “The weekend it snowed in Jannuary I went to Baltimore to visit my friend Mike Collins. Late that night Mike and I set up a small system in his room. I played bell tones, he looped them live. The result is seemingly familiar, but also super out, with jack in the boxes, canned TV sounds and cathedral reverberations all giving each other space to coexist.”

“Next Century Cathedrals” is a spooked audio journey and strong evidence of the democratizing influence of online distribution to facilitate music sharing and creation. Follow McGregor on Twitter and listen to more Meadowlands on Soundcloud.

Words: Max Burke