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Sightings: Quilt, “Young Gold” (Video)

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Massachusettes rockers Quilt have the whole playful psychedelia thing down pat. Their use of angelic melodies and simple, repetitive, jangling guitars recalls hippie forefathers (and mothers) like David Crosby, Grace Slick, and John Phillips. The video for “Young Gold” plays into the jovial innocence of the original psych generation even more, by featuring the members of the band running aimlessly through the woods, with a long golden sheet in their hands. Simple adventures ensue as they drape the sheet in a variety of formations. This is all shot on luminous, 8mm film, recalling the experimental films of the late 1960s. The term psychedelic has taken on many meanings over the years, but Quilt continue to play with the original concept, and do it quite well.

Words: Samantha Cornwell

Quilt’s self-titled debut is available now from Mexican Summer

Sightings: Quilt, “Sugar Mountain”

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Although the first wave of psychedelic rockers are thought of as the ultimate sex, drugs and rock n’ roll generation, what makes their music special for me is its sense of innocence and idealistic exploration. Through the lens of our murky era, that time period when rebellion was as simple as challenging the laughably rigid ideals of the 1950s is certainly thought of fondly. Quilt, a band from contemporary Massachusetts, evokes the spirit of that era through their sound, and the enchanted feeling of their lyrical content. Their male and female vocal harmonies specifically evoke Jefferson Airplane. This track is from a compilation of contemporary musicians doing Neil Young covers, called Headed for the Ditch. The other artists represented include Emily Reo, Foxes in Fiction, and Teen Daze, to name a few. “Sugar Mountain” is a great fit for Quilt, and their version stays relatively true to the pleasantly nostalgic country rock of the original version. The freedom and innocence of the Summer of Love might be a cultural memory, but when I listen to Quilt it doesn’t seem so out of reach.

Quilt, “Sugar Mountain”

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Words: Samantha Cornwell
Headed For The Ditch is available for free from the Universal Electricity blog