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Underwater Visitations Episode #8: The Blogger Ethics Roundtable

Monday, June 21st, 2010

One week ago, some great minds in music writing/blogging converged at Newtown Radio in Brooklyn. The reason was to discuss the ethics of music writing online, and the recent increase in blogger run labels. The conversation was lively, informative and above all, fun. Those taking part say it was constructive, those listening in were tweeting up a storm.

The forum was organized by Visitation Rites and Microphone Memory Emotion. Ari Stern of Underwater Peoples helped us lead the conversation, and Mark from Newtown Radio contributed immensely with his technical assistance.


Ryan Schreiber, Founder of Pitchfork Media; Sam Hockley-Smith, Editor at The FADER magazine and co-owner of Group Tightener, Michael McGregor, founder of Chocolate Bobka and The Curatorial Club, Mark Schoneveld, founder of Yvynyl and co-owner of upcoming label Trig Club and Chris Cantalini, of Gorilla Vs. Bear and Forest Family Records.

Topics covered:

What’s the difference between a journalist/critic and a blogger? Does the difference lie in the medium in which said person writes?

Is objectivity possible in blogging? Is it even desirable?

Should we think of bloggers more as “curators” than as writers?

Can and should blogs write negative reviews? Does criticism have a place in the blogosphere?

Is it ethical for a blogger to sell what they have created a demand for?

Can a blogger ethically write about something that he or she also releasing? Is transparency enough?

How important is the question of scale? Would a blogger-run label represent a conflict of interest if it ceased to operate on a limited-run basis, and became a more commercially-minded operation with wide-scale distribution?

Does the fact that a blogger-run label boasts its own built-in pr-outlet give it a natural advantage over the traditional record label? Do blogger-run labels have the potential to transform the record industry from the inside-out?

Are blogs the new A&R?

The concept of “firsties.”

At the end of the conversation, we took a few calls and tweets with questions, including what we have every reason believe was a request for Tumblr advice from Carles himself. Unfortunately, we ran out of time mid-discussion. But this conversation was the first of many, so stay tuned.

Stream and download the whole conversation below. Newtown Radio is a DIY operation, so keep that in mind while listening. And no. Someone was not trying to call in via fax machine.

“Underwater Visitations Episode #8: The Blogger Ethics Roundtable”

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Download the discussion here Download the full episode, with Underwater Visitations DJ set, here.

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VR Vimeo: Blissed Out teaches LA about the Empire State of Mind

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Blissed Out- “Empire State of Mind Edit”- Synchronicity Space- Los Angeles, CA – 6/10/10 from Samantha Cornwell on Vimeo.

Shortly after Run DMT‘s epic set last week, the crowd at Sync Space was treated to the hypnotic beats of NYC’s Blissed Out. To me, Blissed Out sounds like the buzz that lingers in my head after a day of surfing the web, while alternating between Caroliner Rainbow and The Notorious B.I.G. on my Itunes. Some day I hope to find them playing at the dance party I’ve always dreamed of. Although my affinity for the City of Angels grows every day, they really spoke my language with this interpretation of Jay Z and Alicia Keyes’ phenomenal tribute to our shared hometown. If you really want to get into an Empire State of Mind, full-screen this and pump up the sound. Getting out of your chair is also advised.

VR Vimeo: Run DMT Smokes a Peace Pipe with the Los Angeles Smog

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Run DMT Live- Synchronicity Space- Los Angeles, CA- 6/10/10 from Samantha Cornwell on Vimeo.

One week ago at Synchronicity Space in Hollywood, I had the pleasure of seeing Run DMT for the first time. After a surprise opening set by LA’s matthewdavid, I introduced myself to Mike (also known as Run DMT), who informed me that his live shows were in no way reproductions of his recorded material. He even joked that he might do some Doo-Wop for that evening’s performance. This, of course, left me buzzing with excitement.

Before beginning, Run DMT offered the small but attentive crowd a peace pipe, in case “anyone wanted to hang out.” The song featured in this video was the first song he played that night. According to my colorful memory of the evening, the doors of Sync Space blew open just as he struck the first note, letting in a beautiful but radioactive cloud. Apparently, the Los Angeles smog was amongst the show-goers that evening. Guided by a hypnotic, beautiful drone, and assisted by televisual projections by local artist Miko Revereza, this unexpected guest made this show one for the ages.

Video: Samantha Cornwell
Words: Samantha Cornwell

Run DMT is currently touring the the United States of America with Blissed Out, toy-car-making-its-way-slowly-across-a-roadmap style. Check for tour dates on his MySpace.


Monday, April 26th, 2010

Departing from the premise that the Internet’s greatest strength lies in its power to foster dialogue, and that two distinct entities can join hands in solidarity while still remaining fundamentally themselves, Visitation Rites has teamed with Underwater Peoples Records for a weekly web radio series on Newtown Radio in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Like Underwater Peoples, Visitation Rites, and the third and larger entity we create when we band together, the umbrella concept of “Underwater Visitations” breaks down into three detachable units: an hour of DJing by the UPs, and hour of DJing by VR, and an intermediary hour of cross-fertilization reserved for in-studio performances, interviews, news updates, conversation, and more.

Have no fear: we are not looking to start a micro-corporation, or eradicate the distinction between a record label and a blog. If it seems like we are crossing some invisible ethical line, channeling some stinky disorderly conduct on the superhighway of information, then that is kind of what we are trying to get at. The music industry of the information age is positively overflowing with crossed lines, economic question marks, and uncertain journalistic values, and that is precisely why we need to get together and powwow. The subtitle of Underwater Visitations, therefore, is “The Music of the 21st century, and the 21st century in Music”; keep in mind, however, that it could just as easily be “technology in music,” “the recession in music,” “music writing in the blogger era,” or “the changing face of DIY.” Expect panel discussions, chat-ins, Chat Roulette escapades, and flat-out arguments.

For our inaugural episode, we were joined by pastiche voyager and seasoned train-hopper Run DMT, who rolled up at the station with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a dream. DMT, who informed me that he “used to be a bard,” kicked off his set with a phone call to his mother, then launched into a cover of “Angie” by the Rolling Stones, a musical interpretation of a live journal, and a song he used to play while begging for money outside of a Whole Foods. Stream the entire episode below, or download it here.

Stay tuned for our second episode next Thursday 4-7 EST, with a live in-studio by Ducktails and an extra-special all-tropical DJ set by Brooklyn’s own Bryce Hackford.

“Underwater Visitations Episode #1: Run DMT Plays Acoustic Set, Calls Mom”

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Arthur Radio Transmission #13: Clouds in the Hermaphroditic Mirror

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

This past Sunday was jam-packed, but I am glad that I got to stop by Newtown Radio for an hour and squeeze some sound files into this most musty and archival of Arthur Radio episodes. Among the transmission’s many mind-warping attributes, DJ Ivy Meadows (Camilla Padgitt-Coles) took a dip into her bottomless vault of spoken text recordings, which includes the sound of Freud’s own voice and a 2003 home recording by the legendary American poet/filmmaker/wanderer Ira Cohen. In the poem “Atlantis Express,” excerpted below, Ira provides as fitting an introduction to the episode as any:

Let’s take a silver train underground
to the back streets of Atlantis
thru the corrugated iron roots &
then to the peak itself, to the
saddle of the last ridge past strewn
finally meandering thru cascading snow
wearing miner’s hats on the perpendicular
dark night &
going up to the edge of the Southern Cross
where we reach at last the pure white
glistening glaciers &
begin to chant over bones in rags
of Scorpio
Armless in the sticky substance how could
they ever have had a chance?
Permission will not be required
only poems of blood offered to
the memory of TREE
It is not ice which is eternal
but the fury of the absolute
separating the void from the spirit
of man,
uplifting like life when it is used
against itself,
that is, Radical Love — & again, we
are reduced to living beings
Caught by the instant
we are taken away
We live in the imprint of the flame
& we are helmeted within the internal
where the ray begins its passage
across the indignant sky
Vain clouds uncaring in a tangle of
culminate in the hermaphroditic mirror…

“Arthur Radio Transmission #13: Clouds in the Hermaphroditic Mirror”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download the full episode on Arthur Magazine.

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Arthur Radio Transmission #5: Amor Apocalíptico, with live set by Wish

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

Collage: In-studio photo by Anna Gonick and artwork by Wish

Last Sunday, Visitation Rites returned to Arthur Radio to celebrate the astronomical conjunction of the Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, and President’s day, which just so happened be the release date for Excepter‘s almost eponymous new double L.P. Presidence (preview inside). Rather than make love songs the ordre du jour, we thought we would simply regale you with some tunes that have been pulling our heart strings of late. In the second hour, Zeljko McMullen of the music/visual/art collective Shinkoyo, and founder of Brooklyn’s Paris London West Nile DIY performance space, took us a thousand leagues under the sea of pop musical detritus with his electronic solo project, Wish.

Sightings: Run DMT, “Bong Voyage” MP3 Release

Friday, February 5th, 2010


A dirty project.


Baltimore, MD.


Collage gradual.

Grape speed.

I should do a split with her.

If you’re interested in experiments with intersection.