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Spacin’: “Sunshine, No Shoes”

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Deep Thuds is the debut release from Spacin’, a new group led by Jason Killinger of Birds of Maya. The Birds of Maya nexus has already spun off Mike Polizze’s closely-watched Purling Hiss project, and Spacin’ channels another aspect of the group’s preoccupation with stoned, freewheeling jams. Philly-based Richie Records has been at the forefront of cataloging the riches of the city’s rock elite, and their fixation on alternately poppy and depressive murk-rock spans from local wunderkind Kurt Vile to forgotten thrashers of the past like Violent Students (the subject of Party Addiction, a crucial recent archival release from Richie). “Sunshine, No Shoes” is indicative of the Spacin’ M.O.: riffs up front, sing-along vocals with a head-bopping melody, and a casual interest in fidelity. This is righteous afternoon beer-guzzling music for the warmer weather.

Words: Max Burke

Deep Thuds is available now on vinyl from Richie Records.