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Sightings: Campfires, “It’s Been So Long”

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

campfiresEver since I first tuned in to the solo work of Chicago lo-fi tape artist Jeff Walls, I’ve been starting to think that the effects of the internet on our listening habits go beyond the generational ADHD our elders are so fond of teasing us about. In addition to shortening our musical attention spans, it seems to be having the counterintuitive effect of making us return to formats and recording technologies that pre-date the digital age–or at least music that approximates the sound of doing so. Could it be because we are the last generation that actually remembers a world before itunes? And we feel a responsibility, somewhere, to preserve the memory of those warm and cuddly dark ages for our children, and our children’s children? When the man behind Campfires sent me his “Stormy Late Fall” 7 inch a few months ago, I immediately recognized him as one of the many emerging millennium artists to channel both of these impulses into a single strip of magnetic tape. Moreover, I remember being struck by the fact that while most of his songs seemed to peace out after hitting the two-minute mark (if not earlier), they packed a very rich and lasting punch.